Francis Preedy

Francis is an intellectual property (IP) attorney with extremely wide-ranging experience having worked for a top firm of London solicitors, in-house at an internationally recognised oil company and in a specialist trade mark private practice. He lectures to University Business Studies students and is an advisor to the Young Enterprise Scheme. With such experience, whether the need is for an individual, small, medium or large business to obtain advice he is able to assist in a way that can be understood.

Key specialisations include:
  • brand creation and services connected with brand use;
  • trade mark, design and copyright protection and enforcement;
  • negotiation and mediation in relation to IP conflicts;
  • settlement agreements arising from IP disputes;
  • trade mark, design and copyright licensing;
  • non-disclosure agreements relating to IP rights; and
  • general IP education.
Examples of how Francis has helped clients include:
  • consideration of the strength and availability of brand creations for companies including P&O, Kenwood, Luxury Explorer;
  • Advice for individuals, small, medium and large bodies, such as The Hogs Back Brewery, Cancer Research, Matthew Clark and Hilton, as regards the availability for use and registration of brands for existing or proposed goods or services;
  • protection and enforcement for brands in any country where possible, either directly or through associates where necessary;
  • international portfolio management of IP rights for companies including PZ Cussons, Hilton and Shell;
  • talks and presentations both in-house and to educational bodies explaining IP and the importance of ensuring and recognising rights in the respective fields; and
  • advice as to the correct and legal use of IP in articles, brochures, online and other media.
Recent speaking engagements
  • Final year Kingston University Business Studies undergraduates IP lecture
  • Young Enterprise Business Advisor presentation
Personal Profile

Francis has partnered with a refugee from Syria who previously made handbags in Damascus to manufacture the same in England under the COUNTER FEET trade mark. Hand made, bespoke bags made by a Syrian refugee are expected to be introduced to the British marketplace by the end of 2017.

The other main area of interest relates to sport and although Francis no longer takes part in any, he attends many events and has travelled to New Zealand and the West Indies in recent years to follow the England cricket team.